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Babycare Cupboard

Our Mission
The Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club has established Babycare Cupboards to serve infants and toddlers in Utah and the Intermountain West by supplying infant necessities such as diapers, formula and baby food to low-income families.  We serve children and babies by meeting their basic survival needs and addressing essential issues affecting their quality of life.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kiwanis Babycare Cupboard?
      The Babycare Cupboard is a non-profit charitable program sponsored by local Kiwanis Clubs.  The purpose of the Babycare Cupboards is to serve babies and young children of our community by supplying infant necessities on an emergency and short term basis.
What is Kiwanis?
    “Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.”  Kiwanis was organized in 1915 in Detroit, Mich.  Kiwanis Club chapters are now found in 96 countries.  “A typical Kiwanis club is a snapshot of its community, with members from all walks of life and at every step of the career ladder. They are unified in their belief that children and their communities benefit from the efforts of a proficient group of caring and involved volunteers.” The Kiwanis Motto is to “serve the children of the world”.
Why did Kiwanis establish Babycare Cupboards?
    More than 250,000 Utahns live under the poverty line.  Thirty-nine percent of them are children.  Many working families struggle to provide the basic needs of infants and toddlers.   After learning of the vital need to provide diapers, formula, baby food and other care items, the Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club began its Babycare Cupboard in 2000.  Since then, the Club has assisted eighteen other club chapters to start Babycare Cupboards in their own areas, making vital resources available to children and families in many Utah and Idaho communities.
How are Babycare Cupboard materials dispersed?
     All Babycare Cupboards work in cooperation with already existing food pantries or shelter centers.  This method keeps costs and maintenance to a minimum, while providing substantial service to needy families.  Kiwanis Clubs are mainly involved with fundraising efforts, keeping Babycare Cupboards stocked, while allowing food pantry personnel the freedom to disperse materials as needed.
How many people has Babycare Cupboard helped so far?
        Kiwanis Babycare Cupboards make a difference!  In 2008 the Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club Babycare Cupboard provided over 1,700 families with diapers.  Each of those families had one or more children in diapers.  In addition, formula and or baby food was distributed to 396 families.  A total of 4,978 children under the age of five were served by the Babycare Cupboard in Salt Lake City.  In 2009, we provided 2,370 families with diapers and 477 families with formula and baby food.  Comparison of numbers equates to a 39% increase in diapers, 20% increase in formula, and 29% increase of children served, aged 0-5.
How are Babycare Cupboards funded?
     The Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club established the first Babycare Cupboard with money from the club’s own fundraising efforts.  In 2004 and 2005, the Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club was awarded two $25,000 grants from Kiwanis International.  An additional $5,000 was awarded in 2006.  The Capitol Hill Club has used the grant money to assist eighteen other area chapters to establish local Babycare Cupboards.

How can I get involved?
     Individuals wishing to contribute goods, money or time can do so at their local Babycare Cupboard.  Donations are always welcome.   One way to make a big difference in your own community is to join your local Kiwanis Club. Speak with a Kiwanis member for more information.
Contact Us :
Kiwanis Babycare Fund
P.O. Box 2124,
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